General Electric Stereo From the 1950’s

Well the Tv repair market had come to an end. With the Tv’s being mostly all throw always now. I have went back to my first Joy and occupation, Stereo (Audio ) Repair. We pride ourselves on being the best vintage stereo repair shop in Kansas City.

Last winter. We had a new customer come in for service. They ad 8 GE 5 tube AM table radio’s. We were able to repair all eight of them very quickly and got them in great working order! They mostly had dirty/noisy volume controls, and also the tuner needed a thorough cleaning. But we got those stereos back working perfectly.

All American made, General Electric Stereo From the 1950’s. Wow that was enjoyable repair and pride in working on a quality products! If you have any stereos, from any ear, we would be happy to take a look at them!

Your friendly repair man Jim….

Diagnostic Charges


I’ve been told by other shops to charge a diagnostic estimate fee for a Broken Screen, I cannot do that and will not do that because it is dishonest. The cracked or broken screen is technically called a panel or PDP. It costs $2200 to $3800 at whole sale! I know it costs more than Most TVs cost! But this a manufacture decision! I will and have explained to my Customers, when they call on the phone, or come in to the Shop.

Vertical Lines on TV Repair

tv lines

Recently we got a Samsung LED 50 in HD in and it had vertical lines from the left to right throughout the screen. After another shop had previously tried to fix it, he brought it into Jim’s TV and Stereo. We found a PIECE OF AN INNER TUBE Jerry rigged to push the main board out to make it work. And we found the main board was bad!

So to fix the TV correctly, we ordered the main board from one of our reputable suppliers and put it in the TV. It works great!

FYI, even if something unforeseen happens, we give a one year warranty on all of our repairs.

TV Repair in 1989

This was in 1989. I was in my shop in Liberty at that time. My shop was J.R.’s Video Service & More. I was doing all the service calls. I was working for a big appliance dealer, called Woody’s, up on the square. And one of my service calls on that Thursday was this lady who had a nice home. She was a nice, elderly lady. She had a GE TV. She had no picture and had high voltage. I happened to have the right parts and tube to take care of it for her. I also did a color tune up for her set which she appreciated. She wanted to know how much the bill was and I told her that it would be sent in the mail later and for her not to worry. And the truth of the matter was that she reminded me of my grandmother, Nana, and I couldn’t bill her because she lived on a fixed income so I just repaired that for her as a Christmas present. And seniors like that, I always like to help out.

Jim’s TV Repair History

When I started out in home consumer electronic repair, I couldn’t get on in a TV because I did not have eight years of experience because I had just finished college. So the first stereo shop I went into were 164 units backlogged that needed immediate attention. I was hired to be their service manager and I had to get real fast at repairing stereos and really good, which I did. Sometimes when I would have an extra ten minutes I would go up to the showroom to see how things were going. One day when I did do that I saw a teenage boy with his mother there and they had been looking at all the stereos such as Marantz to Sansui but nobody was waiting on them. So I went over to them and within a short time I knew what they wanted, which was a top of the line stereo system, which I helped pick out. They told the owner that as long as I was there to help them set it up and demonstrate it to their son, they would be happy to buy all of their products.

TV Repair History

In the summer of 1992, I was doing a service calls in Gladstone and Parkville and I had two customers that had the same problem of no picture or sound and no channels. The problem was that they had their tuners were out. And I wired their TV with RCA Phono plugs that go from the tuner of their VCRs to their TV so that they wouldn’t be without their TV programs and the stations, that way they would not have to have an expensive repair on their TV that they could not afford at the time. Mr. Rickenbaughor was my first customer who was happy with his repair that I completed in his house without it having to go into the shop or being a major repair and the same with the second customers. I did the same exact thing. I had the extra cables on me and I just simply substituted the tuner on the VCR and used that as their main tuner for their TV. After doing that, I did a color tune up and the customer was very happy.

The Call that turn out really Good!


The Call that turn out really Good!

Kansas City MO

It was a Tuesday afternoon. The service call was scheduled between noon and two.  I arrived there at one. They took me into their master bedroom where the Samsung 60 in. Plasma was. I opened it up, found out the power supply was bad and took the power supply back to the shop. I repaired it and reconditioned it with better components than the original ones.

The next day I took the power supply back to the Smiths and put it back in their TV and the TV worked perfectly. They also had a problem with their DVD  player hooked up to their TV. They had no one to give them a tutorial about how it worked. After spending a  few minutes and going over it a few times the Dish Network and their TV worked fine. Then the Smiths asked me if I could look at their living room TV, which was a 60 in. Samsung smart TV, but it had a bad picture.

IT was not the TV at all. It was the Dish Network receiver and they tried for months to call Dish but no one would help them. I called them and called the manager in Los Angeles and they were out there the next day to put in a new receiver box for their living room set. They were very happy customers.