TV Repair in 1989

This was in 1989. I was in my shop in Liberty at that time. My shop was J.R.’s Video Service & More. I was doing all the service calls. I was working for a big appliance dealer, called Woody’s, up on the square. And one of my service calls on that Thursday was this lady who had a nice home. She was a nice, elderly lady. She had a GE TV. She had no picture and had high voltage. I happened to have the right parts and tube to take care of it for her. I also did a color tune up for her set which she appreciated. She wanted to know how much the bill was and I told her that it would be sent in the mail later and for her not to worry. And the truth of the matter was that she reminded me of my grandmother, Nana, and I couldn’t bill her because she lived on a fixed income so I just repaired that for her as a Christmas present. And seniors like that, I always like to help out.

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