TV Repair History

In the summer of 1992, I was doing a service calls in Gladstone and Parkville and I had two customers that had the same problem of no picture or sound and no channels. The problem was that they had their tuners were out. And I wired their TV with RCA Phono plugs that go from the tuner of their VCRs to their TV so that they wouldn’t be without their TV programs and the stations, that way they would not have to have an expensive repair on their TV that they could not afford at the time. Mr. Rickenbaughor was my first customer who was happy with his repair that I completed in his house without it having to go into the shop or being a major repair and the same with the second customers. I did the same exact thing. I had the extra cables on me and I just simply substituted the tuner on the VCR and used that as their main tuner for their TV. After doing that, I did a color tune up and the customer was very happy.

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