Jim’s TV Repair History

When I started out in home consumer electronic repair, I couldn’t get on in a TV because I did not have eight years of experience because I had just finished college. So the first stereo shop I went into were 164 units backlogged that needed immediate attention. I was hired to be their service manager and I had to get real fast at repairing stereos and really good, which I did. Sometimes when I would have an extra ten minutes I would go up to the showroom to see how things were going. One day when I did do that I saw a teenage boy with his mother there and they had been looking at all the stereos such as Marantz to Sansui but nobody was waiting on them. So I went over to them and within a short time I knew what they wanted, which was a top of the line stereo system, which I helped pick out. They told the owner that as long as I was there to help them set it up and demonstrate it to their son, they would be happy to buy all of their products.

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