The Call that turn out really Good!


The Call that turn out really Good!

Kansas City MO

It was a Tuesday afternoon. The service call was scheduled between noon and two.  I arrived there at one. They took me into their master bedroom where the Samsung 60 in. Plasma was. I opened it up, found out the power supply was bad and took the power supply back to the shop. I repaired it and reconditioned it with better components than the original ones.

The next day I took the power supply back to the Smiths and put it back in their TV and the TV worked perfectly. They also had a problem with their DVD  player hooked up to their TV. They had no one to give them a tutorial about how it worked. After spending a  few minutes and going over it a few times the Dish Network and their TV worked fine. Then the Smiths asked me if I could look at their living room TV, which was a 60 in. Samsung smart TV, but it had a bad picture.

IT was not the TV at all. It was the Dish Network receiver and they tried for months to call Dish but no one would help them. I called them and called the manager in Los Angeles and they were out there the next day to put in a new receiver box for their living room set. They were very happy customers.




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